We started MOJA with one simple word in mind: family.


Your whole family should be able to go out and enjoy a drink, a bite, lunch or dinner without any trade-offs. No toddlers crying or kids stuck behind iPads. No compromising on the quality of food or service. We knew that Amsterdam needed more places where families could feel comfortable and welcomed. That also led to us opening in the family-friendly area of IJburg.


The concept of family has impacted the way our restaurant is designed. It is why we have a welcoming, open kitchen where you can see meals being rustled up. It’s the motivation behind menus that cater to all tastes – big and small. We create family comfort food, with that unique little high-quality twist. The kind of meals you’d love to cook at home every day if you had the time and energy.


Our team is also a family – the MOJA family. It’s a small team who care about each other and are dedicated to our customers. 


So, allow our MOJA family to welcome and look after you and your family soon.


If you like what we do and the food we create, MOJA is also a fantastic venue for parties of all kinds, but especially kids parties. We also provide outside catering for events or celebrations. Get in touch and let us know how we can help you make your event amazing.

MOJA team pic DEBRUG copy.jpeg