The Secret Ingredients: Meet Our Top Suppliers

When we opened MOJA, we did it with one concept in mind: family.

But that didn't just mean that we wanted to be the best family restaurant in Amsterdam, where kids and grown-ups alike can relax, have fun and enjoy some tasty grub.

To us, family means more than that. It applies to the staff who make up the team and feel more like family than employees. It applies to our customers who should feel their troubles melt away when they come through the familiar doors at MOJA.

But it also applies to all the suppliers we work with, who we've chosen because they share a similar attitude or outlook to MOJA. With that in mind, we thought you might like to meet a few of our top suppliers and learn a little more about their stories too.

Frites uit Zuyd at MOJA
The freshest fries in all of the Netherlands - find Frites uit Zuyd at MOJA

Friets uit Zuyd

We recently added fries to our menu at MOJA, and that's only because we discovered Friets uit Zuyd. Based in nearby Zaandam, they take the quality of their chips seriously – they grow their potatoes using sustainable, pesticide-free methods and manually sort them before preparing them without E numbers or preservatives. The result is the best, freshest artisan fry you'll find anywhere.

Piccolo Caffe

Our coffee beans are provided by Piccolo Caffe, just a few kilometres north of Friets uit Zuyd. Started by Alessandro Piccolo, a Dutchman of Italian heritage, who had a lifetime of love for coffee and a decade working at a roasting company, Piccolo beans are 100% arabica from Indonesia and Brazil and you can taste Alessandro's love of coffee in every sip.

ChariTea and LemonAid drinks at MOJA
The most sustainably produced, Fairtrade juices available... available at MOJA, of course

Lemonaid & ChariTea

We stock Lemonaid juices and ChariTea iced tea. Based a few hundred kilometres east of MOJA, in Hamburg, not only do they use the best organic raw ingredients in their soft drinks, but they ensure farmers get a fair price for their produce and spent time in the farming regions each year to ensure the fairness of the supply chain. Five cents from every bottle sold goes directly to their own Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation to support social projects in growing regions.

Fritz Kola

Also from Hamburg, in the 17 years since launching, Fritz Kola

has become a European success story. We like to stock Frotz Kola as not only do they only use incredibly high quality, ingredients, but they're also committed to sustainable production and bottling methods. Plus, they're a big supporter of art and music events, which is pretty cool.

Bakkers Brigade

We're often asked who supplies our beautiful baguettes and buns. The answer: Bakkers Brigade. The company grew from a traditional Amsterdam bakery and can draw on generations of bread-making expertise to create the tastiest loaves you'll find anywhere in the Netherlands.

Are there any other suppliers you'd like to see us working with? Let us know. In the meantime, come and taste these delicious products at MOJA soon and let us know what you think of them.

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