Our MOJA Menu Gets A Summer Shake-Up

What does summer mean to you? Packing for vacations? The smell of freshly cut grass? Ice cream becoming a regular daily essential?

As well as bringing sunshine (sometimes) and school holidays, summer tends to bring a change to our eating habits – after all, who wants stamppot in summer? – and to reflect that, we've had a summertime shake-up of our menu at MOJA too.

The Latest Additions

If the word 'salad' makes you think of a bucket of lettuce, then think again – our colourful and filling salads are jam-packed with delicious textures and ingredients. You'll never think 'rabbit food' again…

Wraps are also great for the warmer weather and we have one rule for ours: only those that are almost too full of tasty goodness to roll are deemed good enough to serve!

You say 'potato', we say 'yum!'

Also new on the menu are our fresh potato fries, supplied by local artisan fries specialists Frites uit Zuyd. These super-fresh fries have never even heard of a freezer, nevermind seen the inside of one. Cooked up in high quality oil, they provide a delicious golden crunch with every bite.

It's not all good news for the humble potato tho. We've taken mash off the menu – we love mash but it's the ultimate winter comfort food and deserves a rest until the months get short again – and we've replaced it with a summery seasonal side which will change from week to week. It could be pearl couscous with grilled veg, or rice flavoured with freshly chopped herbs and lemon… keep your eyes on the MOJA Facebook or Instagram accounts for weekly updates.

Grills and Thrills

Of course, summer is also BBQ season. Burgers already feature heavily on the MOJA menu, and we've decided it's time to add the other star of summer grilling: spare ribs! Our BBQ ribs are so delicious that we've been forced to add them to the kids menu too – along with chicken burgers and crispy chicken fillets, also served up with potato smileys and fresh veg to give our younger customers even more tasty choices.

And what about something for their parents? Well, we've extended our list of snacks to enjoy while hanging out on the MOJA terrace and enjoying the views over the water. Better order a glass of beer or wine to wash that down with, hey?


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