How To Choose The Best Dutch Beer Snacks

We love the Netherlands. The people, the culture, the windmills, the water… so much to admire and enjoy. But we think it's fair to say that it's not exactly a culinary giant where traditional dishes are concerned.

However, there is one area in which Dutch cuisine stands head and shoulders above the rest of the world's comparatively poor offerings: beer snacks.

From international drinking foods that have been embraced and adapted to Ducth tastes — like fries, nachos, chicken wings and cold cuts — to the truly Dutch bites that are almost all deep-fried and super tasty to boot, like bitterballen, krokets, kibbeling, frikandellen, kaassouffles, kipcorns, loempias, bami… the list really does go on and on. So how can you be sure you're choosing the right beer snack?

The team at MOJA have some advice so you don't miss out next time you feel like a little sustenance with your hydration.

Peter goes for the classic option:

“Has to be bitterballen. Golden, delicious bitterballen are always a winner!”

Meanwhile, Chantel gets creative and throws in a drink recommendation too:

“Nothing beats BBQ spare ribs washed down with a tall refreshing Lemojito.”

Tummy rumbling yet?

If you find it hard to decide, take your lead from Marcus:

“Our new warm snack platter has bitterballen, Moja rocks and crispy chicken. I would go for that. Perfect to share with friends while soaking up some sun on the terrace and enjoying some classic G&Ts."

If your taste buds are tingling, stop by MOJA for a G&T, Lemojito, Vedett or simple Heineken and sample our snack menu. Order one of everything and then you can decide what really is the best beer snack that Holland has to offer!